By using the site "Airline Soccer", and/or participating in any event of "Airline Soccer League", or any of its affiliated companies, you agree to the statements written here in this 'terms of use and agreement'.  Any use of the words "Airline Soccer League" and/or "Airline Sports", in these statements refers to any of its affiliated companies, parent or not, as a whole and is represented as one.
The Airline Soccer League is a division of Airline Sports, an independent organization that arranges and coordinates sporting events among members of its leagues.  The Airline Soccer League arranges and coordinates soccer events for teams of the Airline Soccer League.  The Airline Soccer League is not affiliated or associated in any way with any airline, and therefore permission must be granted to use an airline or service company's name, logo, or anything associating them with the soccer team which wishes to represent them.  Listing, signing or joining with the Airline Soccer League is acknowledgement that permission was granted by that specific individual company to represent them.

Please be informed that neither the Airline Soccer League, airlines, service companies, nor their management would be responsible for any liabilities, injuries, or damages caused by anyone or anything associated with the Airline Soccer League's tournaments involving their employees, friends and/or their families.  Also the airlines and service companies, are not responsible for any loss of time due to any activities, passed, present, or future, and will not compensate anyone for any time associated or related with the Airline Soccer League, even if time off is authorized, unless otherwise disclosed.  The Airline Soccer League may have insurance for certain tournaments and/or leagues, at which time it will be disclosed to everyone and presented in writing.

A person's decision to enter the Airline Soccer League is that of themselves and not that of the airline or service company which they represent, nevertheless, the airline or service company has the right to deny an employee's involvement in the Airline Soccer League due to any job related injuries which prohibit him/her from full active or partial duty.  All participants in the Airline Soccer League is required to be eighteen (18) years or older.  Currently, the Airline Soccer League does not compensate anyone from any team involved in the Airline Soccer League events, or matches, home or abroad, or for any time spent off work.  The Airline Soccer League does not purchase uniforms for anyone or any team members, and currently does not work with airlines or service companies to get time off for employees for any event.

Team colors are to use at the team's discretion, or at the authority of the representing airline or service company's request.  All teams must be in uniform to participate at any scheduled games.  Two sets of uniforms are preferred, but not necessary, to avoid potential alikeness in uniforms during play.  The amount of persons per team will depend on the tournament/league, and will be made notice at the beginning of that particular tournament or league.

The sale of tickets, cooking, i.e., barbecue or anything of that nature is not permitted on any of the event sites unless authorized by the Airline Soccer League.  Food and drinks (non-alcoholic beverages) can be brought to all matches, but must be cleaned and disposed of after the game by all participating teams of the Airline Soccer League.

Fighting and/or using foul language of any sort is not allowed at any time during any of the Airline Soccer League's event.  The use of foul language is grounds for immediate dismissal of any team member or teams of the Airline Soccer League and/or its events or tournament.

Some of the Airline Soccer League's tournaments are co-ed leagues, which are mandated under the rules of the Airline Sports 'code of conduct and behavior' which states in part that no one at anytime should in any way attempt or perform any sexual acts upon any individuals participating in its leagues or events, in part or whole, without that individual's consent.  Even if consent is granted, such acts must never be produced in public, public areas, or during any of the Airline Sports' events.  If such an act should transpire, prosecution might be taken to the individual(s) involved and/or ejection from the Airline Sports tournaments and its' affiliated companies.  The Airline Soccer League will advise everyone of which leagues are co-ed from the beginning of each tournament's posting.

On our website, "", we provide information, photos, logos, and other various facts about teams either listed and/or joined with the Airline Soccer League.  This information must never be misused, misinterpreted, or mishandled at any time.  The Airline Soccer League is not responsible for any information that may be inappropriate or incorrect about any team, company, their logos, products or services they offer.  All photos are either property of the Airline Soccer League and/or its original owners, in which case the information is listed on each photo. 

All logos are property of the Airline Soccer League and must not be reproduced at any time without the consent of the Airline Soccer League, the team, or specific company which owns it.  All the Airline Soccer League's private logo(s) may not be reproduced without consent from the Airline Soccer League or its affiliated companies.  The Airline Soccer League obtains logos and various information on certain companies from several different sources for the use of publication and/or symbolic gestures only, and is not to manipulate or confuse the public at any time, for any product or service that company may render.

The Airline Soccer League do broadcast live events.  These events being broadcast to you LIVE (happening now/immediately) by the Airline Soccer League via the Internet and/or television/radio are unfiltered.  There is no filtration of any kind from what can be heard or seen via our source.  No affiliated parties, including Airline Soccer League, jetBlue Airways Corporation, Strykers or any other participating team(s) or sponsoring parties will be held responsible for what may be seen or heard via our source, whether it may be from spectators, team members, announcers, referees, or any other source that can be viewed or heard from those programs.  Our rebroadcast and replays are also filtration free.  Viewing of these programs are solely at the viewer's discretion.   

Endorsements of any kind, too or through any of its members, including Airline Soccer League staff personnel, must first be presented to the Airline Soccer League for verification for any mentioned tournament or major events.  Currently verification or approval is not needed for freelanced or scheduled single matches among teams. 

Currently any team is welcome to join the Airline Soccer League considering that they adhere to all the rules and regulations according to the terms of use and agreements listed here. 

The Airline Soccer League reserves the right to change or modify these terms of use and agreements at any time without the authority and/or notification of any members or featured teams.