Founded in 2007 by Dwight Miller, this team was the backbone of die hard soccer players employed and based at JFK International Airport by Jetblue Airways.  The team, multi-national, consisted of several different countries including Columbians, Trinidadians, Jamaicans, and Peruvians, just to name a few.  Going by the name "Jetblue" and "JFK Jetblue", Dwight coordinated with other teams for games against Jetblue.

In June 2007, JFK Jetblue played their first scheduled match against another Jetblue Airways soccer team, Ft. Lauderdale, in Florida.  The game was won by JFK Jetblue by a shocking 5-0 win.

Later in 2007, JFK Jetblue played against a Delta Airlines soccer team, bearing the name.  The game was tied 2-2 between the two teams by the end of the match.  Several other games were played including another game against their piers in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.

By the end of 2007, JFK Jetblue was becoming known in the domestic airline industry as a team to be reckoned with.

In October of 2008, JFK Jetblue finally got a chance to challenge a long time rival, Boston Jetblue Airways.  Boston had a very strong name for themselves, including several championship wins and medals.  JFK Jetblue looked at this as a daring opportunity, as it was one of their hardest teams yet in regards to medals and recognition.  JFK proved that they were more superior than thought before by defeating Boston 5-1 after ninety minutes, thus putting themselves even more on the map with airline soccer teams.  Till that time, JFK Jetblue has yet to be defeated, only offering wins and draws against all their challengers.

In January 2009, JFK Jetblue renamed themselves, "Strykers", the "y" noticeably different to symbolize the difference and diversity within the team.

The decision to change, or rather rename the team, was made after repeated efforts by the team for sponsorship by its employer, Jetblue Airways which it represents at all their games.  From the beginning, all expenses spent by the team, was funded by the members of the team, voluntarily, for enjoyment and the love of soccer.

In February of 2009, became the host website for the Strykers, and in May they played their first international soccer match against Caribbean Airlines, which they tied with 0-0.  This was also the first game broadcast live over the Internet for Strykers and the website,

In June of 2009, the Strykers played against Air Tahiti Nui F.C. and lost 5-4, making it their first game to lose since being founded. 

Currently more games, including international matches, are being scheduled for Strykers.

jetBlue Strykers F.C.  May 2009.