Air Tahiti Nui F.C. was founded in July 2007 by Yann Masingue, a manager in cargo operations at Air Tahiti Nui.  Air Tahiti Nui is the international airline of the French Polynesia islands.  The passion for creating Air Tahiti Nui F.C. was to share the passion of football (soccer) within the company and have an environment of sports activity where anyone can come to enjoy or relax, without the pressures of work on them.  In the beginning, their winning stats were not so well, placing low amongst their challengers.

In August 2008, Air Tahiti, the domestic airline, joined alliance with Air Tahiti Nui to create a stronger team, and in October they entered into a small soccer tournament in Los Angeles, California.

Air Tahiti Nui F.C. is talked about as being a family team, all working together on the field. 

In June 2009, Air Tahiti Nui F.C. challenged Jetblue Strykers in Los Angeles California for the first time, and won the game 5-4.  Currently a rematch is scheduled for early 2010 between the two teams.
Air Tahiti Nui F.C.   2009